Missouri Association Of Mutual Insurance Companies


Welcome to MAMIC - In 1895 a group of small Missouri Mutual Insurance Companies came together to implement a right for which their ancestors fought - the right of Free Enterprise, and the right to establish their own insurance groups to preserve and safeguard their financial security...thus the birth of the Missouri Association of Mutual Insurance Companies.

The objects and purposes of this Association are much the same today as they were in 1895:

  • to promote the interests of insurance
  • to devise and recommend improved and uniform methods for transacting business
  • work toward the elimination of hazards and the reduction and prevention of losses to the end that the economics and benefits of insurance may be made available to every citizen of the State of Missouri for every insurance risk, and generally to do any and all things necessary or incidental to the accomplishment of this purpose.

Each of the MAMIC services are committee motivated. As an example, the AAIS forms program is a product of the MAMIC forms committee. That committee meets on a regular basis to review forms and the providing of such forms. The MAMIC office stocks numerous insurance forms that are made available to member companies.

Another example is that agent's errors and omissions coverage and company directors and officers liability coverage are made available to MAMIC member companies and their agents through MAMIC members working together. Agents and/or companies may apply for a quote on such coverage.








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